2018, A Year of Hope and the Setting and Fulfilling of Good Intentions


It may seem odd that you are reading a message of hope and good intentions for 2018, on a site that generally focuses on homeopathy, its healing abilities, and itsphilosophies. However, it is, in fact, wholly appropriate and this is why. As we know, Hahnemann considers that disease is an imbalance in the Vital Force and that homeopathy works by stimulating the body’s own healing mechanisms. The world itself is a state of flux, of indescribable imbalance, the earth, energetically, needs all the help it can get and this can be done by addressing the root cause of problems in every sphere.Symptoms are nature’s way of indicating that something is ‘not right’ and needs to be healed. There are several references to this in the Organon: ‘In the state of health the spirit like vital force (dynamis) animating the material organism reigns in supreme sovereignty. It maintains the sensations and activities of all the parts of the living organism in a harmony that obliges wonderment’ (Aphorism 9.) When the body is in a state of ‘imbalance’ the symptoms that present themselves are giving vital clues as to where the healing should be directed: ‘The physician has only to eliminate the totality of symptoms in order to remove simultaneously the inner alteration, the pathological untunement of the vital principle, thereby entirely removing and annihilating the disease itself.’ (Aphorism 21)

I would like everyone to imagine that this state of balance has been achieved throughout the world and how radical and mind-blowing that could be; a world in which everyone is well-adjusted and grounded.  Hahnemann, as always, ahead of his time, illustrated this potential beautifully, even before the Organon was written:

‘Our art requires no political lever, no worldly decorations in order to become something. It grows gradually, at first unrecognized, surrounded as it were by all manner of weeds which luxuriate around it, from an insignificant acorn to a sapling, soon its summit will overtop the rank weeds. Patience! It is striking deep its roots into the earth, it is increasing in strength imperceptibly but all the more surely and will in its own time grow into an oak of God, which no longer is shaken by storms, spreads out its branches into all regions that suffering mankind may be healed under its beneficent shade.’

This statement, (1815) wwas inresponse to Stapf, (referred to as one of Hahnemann’s first disciples) who questioned him on homeopathy. It demonstrates how homeopathy can reach the deep recesses of our mind and body, profoundly permeating hidden depths; its effect, seeping unconsciously into other areas of our lives, communities, ultimately and by default, the world as a whole; this is certainly the implication, as I understand it.It is therefore, necessary, in my opinion that any New Year’s intentions are helped wherever possible by homeopathy, given the depth of its scope with regards to healing.

2017 has been a year in which the world has witnessed horrendous atrocities in the form of mass shootings, terrorist attacks and bombings. Unspeakable acts of violence on innocent people have occurred.To add insult to injury, America continues to have ‘interesting’ leadership and the UK still appears to be in the process of Brexiting,(I know this isn’t a word, but I am sure you all get my point.) Hurricanes, earthquakes and many more natural disasters continue to happen on a regular basis. Turmoil is a word that is possibly not descriptive enough for the current climate in which we live.

In researching ‘positive events in 2017’ it is clear that the balance of good versus evil, still lies massively in the negative, with devastation and outrage as above, overwhelmingly drowning out any pure goodness.  For example, under ‘good happenings’ it was discussed online that Fiona the hippo was born, 6 weeks prematurely at Cincinnati Zoo in January, and survived against all odds.  Obviously, the news about Fiona is wonderful, it is heart-warming to hear such tales. In a different vein, the news that Saudi women will soon be able to sit behind the wheel of a car and drive, only over a hundred years after the first woman took to the roads, was announced.  This is a huge step forward and I am truly encouragedby this development. In addition, we have witnessed pockets of society go to extraordinary lengths to help those in adverse circumstances. However,as discussed, the atrocities have clearly overshadowed any glimpses of progress and we are left pondering as to what life is all about.Most of us continue to survive, to live on, and to take things in our stride, although, unless we are children, who by some magical feat have been sheltered, our innocence has been shattered; the deception, corruption, violence invariably outweighing truth and integrity. So, we live in a permanently confused state, which for most, intensifies, with each additional heinous act.

I would love to see that 2018 be a year of change and of the setting and fulfilling of good intentions. Maybe the ‘change’ referred to by Mahatma Gandhi really does start with us, and our profession and the calming of the chaos, on every level? He stated: ‘Be the change you want to see in the world.’ Interestingly, this ties in remarkably with Gandhi’s well-known quote on homeopathy: ‘Homeopathy cures a larger percentage of cases than any other form of treatment and is beyond doubt safer and more economical.’ There are no coincidences it seems, I would suggest this relationship between healing and change and homeopathy is meant to be.

I have recently explored the current research with reference to the power of intention, and have been following Lynne McTaggart’s Group Intentions. Lynne McTaggart is the author of‘The Intention Experiment and The Field’ and several other books on the subject. In addition, she publishes the popular magazine, ‘What doctors don’t tell you that ‘uncovers the hard to get facts about health and the causes of illnesses.’  After the recent Las Vegas shootings, she involved many in a mass group intention, the results of which saw profound, deep healing in traumatised people. In general, group intentions have resulted in ‘ecstatic union, transcendent experiences, personal healing and long-term life changes.’

In the light of this, and all that has been discussed, maybe we can all, collectively visualise the following for the next year, and carry it forward:

  • Truth over lies
  • Kindness over evil
  • Tolerance over intolerance
  • Respect over disrespect
  • Love over hate
  • Sanity over insanity
  • Sharing over greed
  • Peace over war
  • Selflessness over selfishness
  • Empowerment of disempowerment

In addition, it would be magnificent if respect for the extensive experience in our field was recognised, and if people actually took the time to study the principles of homeopathy and read the up to date research papers, as opposed to the predictable, now boring scepticism and negativity from predictable sources. This would allow us to continue to do our jobs and heal, and not have permanent attacks on everything we stand for, which is both demotivating and insulting.

I wish you a positive, dynamic, peaceful 2018. May you shine in your own light, and allow it to radiate, magnifying your infinite celestial healing potential.

Gill Graham