How to Have Fun and Keep Safe at Work


Work doesn’t have to be serious all the time. In fact, having fun in the workplace can often help with productivity and stop burn out. Most employers are beginning to recognise that initiatives like flexible working and working from home are great ways to keep employees happy and engaged while still getting the same amount of work done.

However, if you do work in an environment where fun isn’t in abundance, try some of these tips to liven up your day.

Fun Ways to Liven Up Your Workplace

  • Organise an office outing to a pub or restaurant – Work outings can be a great way to get to know people that you don’t usually work with and people are often more relaxed and open to socialising outside of work.
  • Create a ‘Party Planning Committee’ – Celebrating people’s birthdays and work achievements is a really fun way to break up a long day and a good excuse to eat some cake and take 15 minutes away from your screen.
  • Play music – It may not suit all environments but playing music or having the radio on can be much better than sitting in silence or worse still, having to overhear other people’s phone calls. If playing music out loud isn’t an option; you could always ask if you can use headphones instead. Playing music in the office may require a music licence.
  • Set up a games room – Ping Pong, pool, board games, all the big tech companies like Google and Facebook have recharge rooms where employees can take a load off and chill. Setting one up in your office might just spark some competitiveness from your co-workers and start some inter-departmental competitions!

Having Fun and Staying Safe – Common Workplace Injuries

If you love where you work, it can be a real boost to morale, but for some, it’s not all fun and games. Introducing some fun into the workplace can be great, but it can sometimes come with risks. Some of the most common workplace injuries according to the website include:

  1. Electric shock – Not limited to people working with live electricity (like an electrician).Electric shocks can come from everyday office equipment that hasn’t been tested properly like computers, photocopiers or even TV’s in break rooms.
  2. Eye injuries – Not particularly associated with ‘fun’ activities, but eye injuries are one of the most common in the workplace. Factory workers and engineers are at high risk of eye injuries and should always wear protective gear to reduce the chance of injury.
  3. Head and brain injuries – For anyone working at height or lifting heavy equipment, the risk of head or brain injuries can be high. These types of injuries are also most common on construction sites for obvious reasons.
  4. Muscle strain – Sitting at a desk in the same position all day can cause repetitive strain injuries in the neck, back, and arms. It can also cause problems with eye strain, which is why it’s essential to get up and take a break every so often. Celebrating people’s birthdays around the office should help with that!
  5. Slips, trips, and falls – This type of injury can be found in almost every type of working environment. Spillages in grocery stores, boxes left out in factories and wet steps in office blocks all contribute to slips, trips, and falls in the workplace.

Whatever your work environment, it’s worth being aware of the most common workplace injuries, so can know what to avoid. Working doesn’t have to be dull and as long as you’re keeping safe your day will fly by!